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So it’s time! You my friends, fans and followers who have repeatedly asked why I’m not putting out new music. Truth is I need to raise sufficient funds to finish my latest CD recordings, put together a media campaign, promoting me & my music outside of my local gigs. I started this recording project in 2013 and there have been some serious set backs along the way. Including loosing the bulk of my recordings. I’ve already invested all I have been able to scrape together, but as a DIY independent full time working musician it almost impossible to raise the start up funds to release a new Cd & do it right: Promotion, production, distribution are all costs that if not done right, will ultimately just contribute to another, “almost completed CD”, being sold out of my guitar case 🙁
As far as finishing the recordings we are approaching the finish line.
I still need to raise funds for the final sessions to be mixed, mastered, graphics & packaging, manufacturing and distribution, as well as a solid marketing campaign to get it out worldwide.

6,000 is what is needed to kick this thing into realty … Can you help?
please consider funding this project, it would mean the world to me to have your support on this.
Much love & Thanks!

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